Willkommen in der Welt der Berge
"TEAMwork makes the DREAMwork"

My Team

An athlete is nothing without a strong team in the background. In the course of my career I have made many wonderful acquaintances and some of my companions have even become friends and very important pillars. They always stand by my side and guide me in my quest to constantly improve. Without their advice, empathy and leadership, I wouldn't be the athlete I am today...
To me, he's the boss...
The Mentor // Seppi Neuhauser

I don't have much to say about this man. He is a gift for me as a nature-loving endurance athlete. Because in Seppis breast beats the same heart and the same passion flows through his blood. The training plans he creates for me are quickly unimportant, if the weather is fine and we have time, then we do other things on the trails than we had foreseen.

He forges my training plans, gives me advice in every situation and supports me in everything I do. Since the end of 2017 he has led me, with all his own experience as a former triathlete and passionate trail runner, who still runs in his age group in every race for the podium. But not only as a sportsman but also as a human being I am constantly learning new things from him. His calm and understanding manner in dealing with others, his skilful listening and thoughtful acting are for me fascinating things about this friend. But above all his always mischievous laughter is for me a clear sign of what a great character Seppi is.

Without the boss I wouldn't be the athlete and maybe a little bit not the person I am today. I hope our federation will last for many more years and we will have a lot of adventures together and beat interval units ;)

Seppi running13
Porzig 30
The man the athletes trust

The Doc // Florian Porzig

Flori is definitely a huge enrichment for me, a man whose word always has great meaning for me. To go to him means for me first and foremost that there is something wrong with my body. However, in Flori I know I have a contact person who understands us athletes. For him it goes without saying that in the thoughts and aspirations of a competitive athlete, simply doing nothing is not an option.
This is the reason why I blindly trust Flori in case of physical problems and whenever I don't know what my body wants to tell to me.

He gives me the feeling of always being understood and of never losing sight of the person and at the same time the athlete in all therapeutic measures and advice. Through his instructions and enlightening conversations I can heal injuries as quickly as possible, learn from them and return well prepared.

They call him Big M!
The Physio // Martin Müller

Unfortunately, it is never a good sign when I enter his practice, because then I have again some suffering in my backpack. But nevertheless I always like to come in, because we know each other really well and we know who you are dealing with.

I've thanked Martin and his whole team so many times and will continue to do so in the future for all the quickly inserted appointments, the extra tapes or just the muscular, fun and relaxing sessions on the couch.

Without such a strong and reliable physioteam in the background, I would carry a lot of physical ailments around with me much longer and often not know what my body is up to at all.

Last but not least
In the course of time I have got to know many people and personalities who have enriched my existence as an athlete and sportsman. I hope not to forget anyone and remain with an upright one: "Vergelt's Gott". See you out there!

Ulrich Schwarz
Martin Beuckmann
Ulrich Graf
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Volker Schöffel
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Flori Stern

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Martin Tykal
Uta Hofmann

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