My Story

Learn something about my path here in a few words. . .

I was probably born in the most beautiful dead end in Germany and to this day this place is also my home and it doesn't look like it would change in the near future. The village Oberstdorf in the Allgäu is my home. When I was born in this special place in 1991, I didn't know what to expect and how grateful I would be every single day to be able to call this region my base.
From childhood I grew up close to nature and thanks to my parents I learned to appreciate and live this closeness to nature. My parents were then also in my young years the decisive reason that I found my large passion and passion in the mountains. A life without altitude difference was not imaginable from the beginning and also a rather flat and boring thought.

At the beginning there were many mountain tours together with my family, which brought me closer to this incredibly charming and intensive world. As a teenager I started more and more often alone. Quite unconsciously, I have so probably brought the fire slowly to the burning. I quickly noticed that certain prerequisites were simply given in me. My tours in my mountain boots became more and more extensive and there was so much to discover on my own doorstep. The possibilities seemed endless then and now, but the imagination was there and it was always calling something from up there!

I can still remember my first meters on the mountain in running step and with light shoes. The story is told quickly. I ran out of air and power pretty fast. And yet I stayed tuned and so I was able to run longer and longer distances in one piece. At that time I didn't have a trainer and terms like regeneration time, nutrition and equalizing sport didn't exist in this world yet. My body seemed to cope well with this change from leisurely hiking to more intense speed, because progress was quickly visible. I am firmly convinced that this is due to the healthy basis which I have unconsciously built up in my young years through countless mountain tours. I still benefit from that today. Although I didn't start running very sensibly (no running school, no strengthening exercises, no recovery), I didn't question my running style at that time anyway and before I noticed that even flat running can be quite nice and is an important element for a successful and healthy trail running life, thousands of meters of altitude had already been completed and I was simply in it - fascinated by what is now possible.

The first competition, the Nebelhornberg Run 2015, followed. The rest is now quickly told, because it went beat on beat, maybe a little too fast! I had my first successes, mostly on the podium and already in 2016 I dared the step from the mountain run to the ultra distance in trail running (everything longer than 42 kilometres). For me, the altitude difference in 'downhill' is just as much an experience and a challenge as in 'uphill'. That's why my focus is still on this competition format today. Over the years I have been able to get to know so many great people through my sport, even far away from races, simply out on the trails or the hiking trail. I'm still happy today when people approach me and ask: "Hey, you are Jojo?" That makes me happy and proud.

I don't know where my journey will take me, but I still have enough plans. This applies especially to the alpine aspect, because despite the races and training plans that drive me, I never lose sight of my personal dreams. There are just mountains out there calling for me and I will visit them all at times. On the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Wildspitze, the Similaun I was already allowed to write my story and other legendary and well-known peaks will follow - at the end of the day it is what defines me. I am not a classic runner who comes off the track or has enjoyed a solid running education, but simply a hiker who tries to have the mountains as close to him as possible.

"I am Sport - Gameday or any day"
DSC 1764

High above my homeland Oberstdorf. View from Hüttenkopf above Lugenalpe

View from the Himmeschrofen summit down to the Allgäuer Valley

Vom Himmelschrofen


Johannes Klein
Trailrunner und Bergwanderführer
aus Oberstdorf


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